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FFFNE Constitution and By-Laws



2014 FFFNE Summer Camp Songs

A.  Audio files in mp3 format

Da Coconut Nut (SSAA,  TTBB)

Ili-Ili Tulog Anay (SATB, Choir)


B.  Songs Lyrics



2013 FFFNE Summer Camp Songs (Lyrics) – updated 7/29/2013


Dayo Dayo Kupita (audio file)

Songs (audio files in mp3 format) include

1.    Arinkindinkinding
2.    Atin Ku Pung Sing Sing
3.    El Mensaje
4.    Illi-Illi Tulog Anay
5.    Magtanim ay di biro
6.    Manang Biday
7.    O Naraniag a bulan
8.    Pobreng Alindahaw
9.    It’s More Fun in The Philippines

Dance music – Ati Cu Pung Singsing, Subli

Dance music – Kuratsa, Tinikling

Dance music – Malong, Subli

Dance music – Estudiantina, Anasudi

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